Getting Started with Survival Preparation 19 CHECKLIST

how to stay alive bear grylls

Everyone should take some Survival Preparation for any emergency situation, at a time when there is a clear and present danger for nuclear war, terrorist attacks, and weather-related emergencies that threaten everyone within the Homeland, the idea of getting started now with your family survival preparations makes good sense. In fact, the old boy scout motto to … Read more

What is an EDC Knife? Easy Definition And Explanation

What is an EDC Knife

Sharp tools have been utilized since the beginning of time by man in early civilizations for survival and practicality and are still much appreciated today. Instead of needing it for daily hunting of game and building your shelter, you’ll more than likely be using it as an outdoorsman and using your knife in the field or maybe a … Read more

How to Baton Wood With a Knife [6 Easy Step]

Using Your Knife for Batoning

Purpose of Baton Whether faced with an emergency or just on your latest outdoor adventure, expanding knowledge crucial to your survival will never be a waste of effort. Batoning is a great technique to learn for any outdoorsman. Most people make the mistake that they assume they can just “cross that bridge when they get … Read more