KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Knife Expert Review 2021

KA BAR Becker BK2

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Expert Review: You can almost guarantee that any outdoorsman will have a variety of different knives that have been designed to do very different tasks. Some knives are more adept at handling smaller, menial camping or hunting tasks, while others are designed to do the “heavy lifting” that only a certain type of … Read more

SOG Flash II Lightweight EDC Folding Pocket Knife Review

SOG Flash II Folding Knife

SOG Flash II Knife Review: The unique handle of the Flash II is made from thick fiberglass reinforced nylon, which is essentially a reinforced plastic. The FRN versions are available in over a dozen colors, but certain versions also feature an aluminum handle. I prefer the FRN version because it helps the knife maintain its lightweight … Read more

The Best Tactical Folding Knives For Your Money 2021

Best Tactical Folding Knives

What Defines an EDC as Tactical Folding Knife Think about the original intent of a tool that has the ability to slice through a wide variety of materials in the effort to make living and working a little easier and more efficient. The knife has essentially remained the same through thousands of years of human evolution, but … Read more

What is The Best Survival Knife? [2021] Your Buying Guide with Trusted Reviews

Best Survival Knife

What Is The Best Survival Knife For Your Money: You enjoy the outdoors. You may not get out as much as you hope but you still want a strong and reliable EDC knife that cuts, slices and saves you when you need it. Each individual has their own personal needs and preferences in what they’re looking … Read more

10 Best Uncle Henry Knives

Uncle Henry Knives

10 Best Uncle Henry Knives from Schrade Uncle Henry has been producing traditional knives for years. Uncle Henry Knives manufactured by the Imperial Schrade Corporation shut their doors on July 30, 2004, after 100 years of business. There’ll be no more original Schrade Uncle Henry knives produced. Uncle Henry Knives are real classics. Produced by … Read more

Best Skinning Knives in 2021 – Reviews and Advanced Buyer’s Guide

Skinning Knives

Skinning Knives are an essential tool for trackers. It is specially designed with a fixed blade. It is used to separate the flesh from the animal’s skin. Choosing a good skinning knife mainly depends on the type of hunting. Types of Skinning Knives: After deciding your determination, you should take into account is what type … Read more