ONEBOM Kitchen Shears 2 Pack Multi Function Kitchen Scissors Price: $12.99 (as of 07/28/2021 04:37 PST- Details)

ONEBOM Kitchen Shears

  • Well Made Japanese SK5 SS – Like chef’s ONEBOM kitchen shear blades are made from Japanese high-carbon SK5 stainless steel. It’s made to stay sharp since it holds an edge better than those made of stainless steel (i.e. 404), it could be produced much thinner, also it is simpler to sharpen.
  • Far Safer & Cost-Effective than Knives – Not only are kitchen shears simpler to use compared to knives, but they’re also far safer, and more cost-effective. Sometimes, you just want something that s likely to get the job done. You only need to know that one night you’ll be able to cut up chicken breast, and the following you can prep greens for a salad. You don t have to spend a ton of money, therefore a set of scissors that are multipurpose will cut it to get basic, regular use.
  • Make No Effort with Larger Anti-Grip Manage – Larger handles are much better with kitchen shears because heavier-duty tasks are much easier to accomplish if it’s possible to use the power of your whole hand and its fingers. Bigger handles are more comfortable for some bigger pawed Americans. Besides, our professional kitchen shears have a flexible screw for tightening or loosening tension. Without an adjustable screw, the blades may be loose at the pivot and pop apart when exerting pressure.
  • Manage Every Cutting Task with Ease -Utilize your Heavy-duty Butcher Shears that they’ll get whatever job you need to be done: snipping herbs, cutting parchment, spatchcocking chickens, opening annoying clamshell packages containing fresh kitchen gear, and more. Besides, you’ll find free herb scissors to assist your dedicated cooking activity. Order a set or two of these multipurpose kitchen scissors today!
  • Value for Them – All of the ONEBOM shears analyzed before pack it into Amazon. Click the Add to Cart Button and Buy with No Regrets. We’ll reply to you within 24h if you own any problems. You can get a replacement set if the shear starts to rust anytime you can contact us. Warm tips: Pls cleaning after use, wipe off the water and stay warm to stop rust. Hand washing is recommended in order to maintain the blade edges sharp. Shears are acceptable for straight – or left-handed use.
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ONEBOM Kitchen Shears 2 Pack Multi-Function Kitchen Scissors Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel, for Chicken, Meat, Fish

Order a pair or 2 of these multipurpose sharp kitchen scissors now!

  • A fantastic choice if you have tough cutting to perform.
  • The sharp blades create household and kitchen tasks without difficulty.
  • These are super-strong, ideal for meat, and exceptionally good-looking.
  • The grips are roomy enough for arthritic fingers to slip through.
  • These heavy-duty scissors are powerful enough to cut out a chicken back or snip chives as quickly as possible.
  • From opening packaging to mincing herbs, pruning and cutting meals has never been easier using our sharp, flexible, easy-to-clean kitchen shears.
  • Not only do all these shears make the task simple, but it provides you countless opportunities for new creations from the kitchen. That way, your friends will never know that the fancy meal you served them, really took no effort at all!

Warm hints:

1. Wipe off the blade after cleaning to prevent it from rusting.

2. Hand washing is recommended to be able to keep the blade edges sharp.


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ONEBOM Kitchen Shears 2 Pack Multi Function Kitchen Scissors Price: $12.99 (as of 07/28/2021 04:37 PST- Details)