Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – A Full Comparison Of Esee 3 Vs Izula 2

The Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3, it’s a question that many knife enthusiasts have been asking for years. Join me as I try to answer this popular debate with my favorite knives!

Esee knives are made in the USA by ROAN MANUFACTURING, they’re built to take on any beating and you can choose between a couple of different models.

The two most famous blades from ROAN MANUFACTURING are the iconic Izula and the more heavy-duty military grade blade – The Aklia3. Let’s take a closer look at both of these fantastic blades in today’s review: Reviewing Two Of My Favorite Blades; (ESEE IZULA2) VS (ESEE 3).

Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – A Head-to-Head Comparison

SpecificationIZULA 2ESEE 3
Overall Length6.25”8.3125”
Blade Length2.875”3.875”
Blade Steel1095 Steel1095 Steel
Knife Weight2 Oz5.2 Oz
Blade StyleDrop PointDrop Point
PricePrice UpdatePrice Update


IZULA 2 Knife Review

esee izula

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The IZULA 2 is my personal favorite in the Izula family. It comes with a grippy Micarta handle that you can remove if wanted, and offers more length than its predecessor, the original izula. The blade on this knife measures at 2 3/4 inches long made of 1095 steel which has great edge retention as well as corrosion resistance; it also features an extra-sharp drop tip for added effectiveness when used.

The Izula-II is designed to be the perfect lightweight survival kit or concealed carry knife. The difference between the Izula and the Izula-II is the 1/2″ longer handle and the full canvas Micarta scales. The Izula-II includes a durable black injection-molded polymer sheath with a removable ambidextrous clip plate.

The knife is the perfect companion for all of your outdoor adventures. You can use it to slice meat, create a shelter out in the wilderness with branches and leaves, or even start a fire if you don’t have matches! But that’s not all: this blade has great corrosion resistance so there will never be rust spots on its surface no matter how much time goes by.

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ESEE 3 Review

esee 3 review

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The ESEE 3 is an offshoot of Randall’s adventure in training, and this knife design was what led the way for their entire product lineup. This is a great blade with its broad drop point made from 1095 steel that offers hardness and wear-resistance as well as good corrosion resistance.

The length at 11 inches also has plenty of belly thanks to the special Rowan heat treatment which makes it one of the best knives out there when you’re dealing with just 1095 Steel blades!

One of my favorite things about the ESEE 3 is how thin it is. It’s very slim and concealable, especially for tactical situations where you need to be discreet. With its full flat grind blade shape, this knife works great when slicing and dicing food or as a utility tool in general.

There’s even a finger choil which makes choking up on the handle easier so I can get those delicate details done with precision! The sheath has really strong retention too: it features plenty of holes for attachment hardware making carrying around this knife easy no matter what your situation may be; if that sounds like something you’re interested in then check out some other reviews because they’ll go more into detail about all these awesome features!

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What are the Similarities between Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3?

Both Esee 3 and Izula 2 have a blade made of 1095 Steel. It offers great edge retention, wear resistance, toughness, as well as low corrosion resistance.

The handle on the knife is non-slippery Micarta that’s durable enough to last years without becoming damaged or losing its grip when wet from rain or bodily fluids while in use (think hunting).

Both Knives offer multiple carry options for those who want discretion but don’t mind carrying around something with them at all times – they come equipped with black Plastic clip plates which are easy to attach onto Pockets just about anywhere you please!

Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – Some Key Differences

The ESEE 3 and the Izula 2 are two knives that offer great qualities for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The blade length of these blades is significantly different, with the ESE3 coming in at a longer size than its counterpart. Both have similar designs to offer comfort when using them but they differ greatly on their thickness; while one may be thicker than most others it still remains light weight enough so as not to cause discomfort while carrying or use during an activity such as hunting without compromising quality too much.

1. The Esee Izula 2 is a smaller knife with a blade length of 3 inches, while the Esee 3 has a blade length of 4.5 inches

2. The weight on the Izula 2 is 8 ounces, while the weight on the Izula 3 is 10 ounces.

3. ESEE 3 is a lot thicker than the Izula 2. The ESEE’s thickness measures 13 inches, while the izula has only 0.156 of an inch to its name!


The Izula II and the ESEE3 both have great qualities for an EDC knife, with their 1095 steel blades being resistant to wear. The only major difference is that one has a smaller blade length which makes it better as a secondary or backup knife if you need more size in your primary folder. I prefer using my larger size 3 rather than my small Izula 2 but with its legal blade length cutting through anything shouldn’t be too much of problem!

The best way to keep your knife in good condition is by keeping it dry and clean. You can also apply a coat of oil every now and then for extra protection against corrosion, but don’t let wet utensils or water stay on the blade for too long.

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