SOG Flash 2 Review

SOG Flash II Folding Knife

SOG Flash 2 Knife Review: SOG is a company that has always fascinated me. They have steered clear of the mainstream model of production of knife design. All of the SOG’s knives are designed by the president and founder Spencer Frazer. This has resulted in some unique design elements and ultimately, some very unique knives. … Read more

Granitestone Nutriblade Knife Review 2023: Are They Worth It?

Granitestone Nutriblade Knife Review

Granite stone Nutriblade knives are a popular kitchen item that claims to make dicing, slicing, and chopping effortless. The knives are advertised as high-quality, durable, and sharp enough to cut through almost anything effortlessly. This 6pc set ensures you can cook, chop and work worry-free without being heavy on your wrists. Their stylish design and … Read more