SOG Flash 2 Review

SOG Flash II Folding Knife

SOG Flash 2 Knife Review: SOG is a company that has always fascinated me. They have steered clear of the mainstream model of production of knife design. All of the SOG’s knives are designed by the president and founder Spencer Frazer. This has resulted in some unique design elements and ultimately, some very unique knives. … Read more

How To Clean A Pocket Knife

How To Clean A Pocket Knife

How do I clean my pocket knife? There’s nothing like a clean, sharp, and smooth opening EDC pocket knife that’s ready to slice, cut, pierce at a moment’s notice. No matter how useful your favorite knife is, if it’s dull and dingy it can cause some serious damage while making cuts. So, wondering how to … Read more

Is 15n20 Steel Good For Knives? A Guide to The Best Carbon Steel

Is 15n20 steel good for knives

When it comes to knife manufacturing, choosing the right steel is vital. There are several varieties available for bladesmithing, each with its distinct features and characteristics. 15n20 steel has grown in popularity in recent years. Damascus steel typically uses 15n20 to create stunning blades. However, is 15n20 worth the hype? Let us take a closer … Read more

Why Japanese Chef’s Knives Are So Expensive

Why Japanese Knives Are So Expensive

Japanese kitchen knives are well recognized all around the world for their extreme durability and sturdy design. Starting from heating and hammering the blade metal, sharpening the edge, and finally polishing it, it’s a long living heritage that the Japanese have adopted very smoothly and become the master of it. They are quite unique in … Read more