Is 65Mn Steel Good For Knives? – 65mn Carbon Steel Review

What is 65mn steel? – 65Mn Carbon Steel Review

What Is 65mn Steel? A Chinese steel that has good wear resistance, hardness, and toughness, 65Mn is a readily available steel produced to provide edge-holding. This is because the addition of silicon to 1060 steel makes it approximately comparable. This high-carbon steel is primarily used to manufacture various small-section flat springs, round springs, clockwork, etc. … Read more

3Cr13 Steel Review Things To Know

3Cr13 Steel Review

You’re probably wondering, what is 3Cr13 steel? 3Cr13 steel is one of the most common types of stainless steel used in cutlery production. 3Cr13 steel is often referred to as “Chinese Steel” or “Sanmai” Stainless Steel because it is produced in China and Japan. While 3Cr13 grade stainless steel does have some drawbacks, such as … Read more

Best Japanese Pocket Knives

Japanese Pocket Knives

What Are The Japanese Pocket Knives? Japanese blades are famous from the very ancient era for their sharp edges and excellent efficiency. There are many American knife manufacturing companies that use Japanese steel to achieve better productivity. For decades, Japanese pocket knives are being produced by many companies all over the world. The name doesn’t … Read more