The 10 Best American Made Bowie Knives of 2024

What Is Bowie Knife?

The Bowie knife is a versatile weapon that has been around for almost two centuries. It gained popularity in the early 1900s thanks to knife fighter James Bowie. The knife has a curved, sharp point and a double-edged blade that is about two inches long.

It falls with the weight of a bill hook when in use. The history of the Bowie knife is steeped in mystery, and there are conflicting reports about its origins. However, it gained legendary status after James Bowie used it in the famous Sandbar brawl that followed a family gun duel.

Bowie knife has a deep belly and sharp blade edge to work as a great skinning knife and a useful weapon simultaneously. It contains a deep clip point.

What Are Bowie Knives Used For?

Bowie knives are the ultimate multitool. They’re strong and durable, making them perfect for intensive tasks like chopping, clearing brush, and self-defence. But they’re also surprisingly versatile, able to handle more precise jobs like wood carving and skinning. The bottom line? Bowie knives can handle just about anything you throw at them.


10 Best Bowie Knives of 2024

With so many options to choose from, making a list of the 10 Bowie Knives is not easy. We have analyzed the features and functionalities of every single knife available on the market, compared themselves, and come out with this list of 10 Bowie Knife of 2024. I hope the list will help you find out your ideal choice.

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK Combat Bowie Knife


If you want to compete with the Buck series on the Bowie or survival knife, you better choose Ka-Bar. The BK9 is the charming invention of the Bowie style and is widely used in so many practical fields.

This brand of the Jim bowie knife is made from chromium and vanadium mixed in. That means this steel is a bit tougher compared to the other knives. Also, it can take on a sharper edge and more rust-proof (but not much).

Actually, the BK9 Bowie knife is used as a chopper. This small bowie knife is exactly what you can take with you into the jungle to clear the unsuspected bushes and vines.

There are so many knives on the market and we have also gathered a good number of knives in front of you. But let us make it clear, Ka-Bar produced the best Bowie knife models that ever existed.


  • Overall Length: 14.75”
  • Blade Length: 9.0”
  • Blade Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Zytel
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Designer: Ethan Becker
  • Tang: Full

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2. KA-BAR US Marine Corps Bowie Knife

KA-BAR US Marine Corps Bowie Knife

If you are searching for the best.bowie knife for hunting games or if you want to take part in some combat activities, you should know the KA-BAR fighting knife is the best hunting bowie knife ever invented.

This authentic bowie knife is world-renowned, and it’s been a favourite choice for the marines since the 1940s for its excellent functionality of self-defence.

KA-BAR US Marine Corps Bowie Knife contains a 7-inch fixed carbon steel blade, a handle made with leather, and a clip point shape with five deep grooves. You will be able to use the channels to make a spear.

The bowie blade that has been used in this knife is adored by the combat fighters for its lightweight and extremely sharp edges.


  • Overall Length: 10.5″
  • Blade Length: 7″
  • Blade Steel: 1095
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Kraton
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Tang: ¾ tang

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3. SOG Super Bowie Knife

SOG Super Bowie Knife

SOG brands manufacture the original SOG Bowie knife that has adopted multiple qualities which make this knife the best of both worlds.

The SOG knives are uncompromising in functionality and performance, and the company with a limited span of warranty on materials guarantees the durability of the knife.

The high-quality bowie blade is 7.5 inches in length with a clip point shape which is made with AUS-8 metal.

The fixed blade is joint with a well-balanced handle that is n ergonomically countered and made of pure leather for providing a comfortable and strong grip with a classic look.

The knife also covered with an all-leather sheath for making the knife comfortable to carry around and also a sharpening stone that allows you to sharpen the steel back to perfection if it gets dull after some days of use.


  • Overall Length: 12”
  • Blade Length: 7.5”
  • Blade Steel: AUS-8 metal
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Leather
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Tang: Full

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4. Buck 916 Bowie

Buck 916 Bowie

This knife has a lot of features that will make them happy who really love to use bowie knives. The knife contains a prominent clip point that makes the knife more durable and sturdy.

The knife comes with a sheath that is made from nice thick leather. The steel is made of ever-revered BOS 420HC steel. This bowie knife with sheath was designed especially for hunting and survival purposes.

As the Buck knife comes with a number of handle materials to choose from and also contains an option to add a display box, the knife contains a high price.

The Buck is not like the other bowie knives on the market but it has different options to choose from. The fixed blade feature is thought to be an old and useless model in modern days. The knife earned popularity for its smooth usability.


  • Overall Length: 12.25”
  • Blade Length: 7.5”
  • Blade Steel: 420HC
  • Grind: Hollow
  • Handle Material: Wood or bone
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Tang: Full

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5. Buck Knives 119 Special Bowie Knife

The Buck series has added a new dimension to the history of bowie knives. Buck 119 Special Bowie Knife is a complete tribute to Jim bowie from the steel to the handle design.

The fixed blade of this knife is made of 420HC steel which provides the perfect balance between durability and corrosion resistance. The affordability of this knife is not constant.

The price level varies depending on the materials of the blade and handle. This Buck 119 Bowie Knife offers different materials though I will suggest you choose the rubber texture handle as it will provide an excellent grip and comfort.

One negative issue about this knife is the handle is much narrow than the other knives. You may face some difficulties with the grip if you have a big palm grip.


  • Overall Length: 10.5”
  • Blade Length: 6.0”
  • Blade Steel: 420HC
  • Grind: Hollow
  • Handle Material: Polymer or wood
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Tang: Full, riveted to butt

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6. Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Knife

Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Knife

The Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Knife is an all-purpose machete with a leather sheath. The tactical knife features an extended wide blade (black powder-coated).

The bowie blade contains a corrosion-resistant finish. The steel of this knife holds a full tang construction and contains steel guards. The knife comes with a high-impact polypropylene handle.

The knife can be a great accessory for you while going on a freehand adventure. Unlike the other bowie knives, Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Knife contains a fixed blade.

The price runs from high to low depending on the design of the handle and blade. The Machete can be your ideal selection if you prepare your backpack for camping. This knife deserves a place in your backpack.


  • Overall Length: 11.72”
  • Blade Length: 6.44”
  • Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Tang: Full

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7. MOSSY OAK Rambo Survival Hunting Knife

MOSSY OAK Rambo Survival Hunting Knife

Mossy Oak Rambo Survival Hunting Knife is a great weapon capable of being a great survival companion at an affordable budget price.

The Mossy OAK knife comes with a 15-inches 440C stainless steel blade. Its anti-rust blade contains a sharp edge that is fairly excellent within that price range. There is a jimping at the back of the blade.

The design of the knife is not as good as the other knives on our list but we adored it for super low pricing and good materials. The handle of the knife is made of TPR rubber which is extremely soft and makes the grip comfortable.

The knife comes with a nylon sheath to hold and protect the blade from friction and scratch.


  • Overall Length: 15”
  • Blade Length: 11”
  • Blade Steel: 440C
  • Grind: Convex
  • Handle Material: TPR rubber
  • Sheath: Leather

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8. United Cutlery UC2863 Marine Force Recon

United Cutlery UC Marine Force Recon

This knife was first used in the second world war by a surgeon of the US Marine Corps. Since then, this knife has been used by US Marines and US Navy seals.

The knife is perfectly designed for military use. The United Cutlery UC2863 Marine Force Recon might be a great selection for your fancy if you intend to buy yourself a large bowie knife at the best price.

The knife is 16 inches in length, and this bowie blade covers almost twice a third of the length. The knife is not only a perfect piece of beauty in normal uses but also capable of becoming a tough weapon in a tougher survival situation.

The blade is almost 11 and ½ inches long which is made from AUS-6 stainless steel. The fixed blade perfectly fits into the rubber handle. The unique length of this knife makes it extremely desirable as it can fulfil a large number of applications.


  • Overall Length: 16
  • Blade Length: 11.5
  • Blade Steel: AUS-6
  • Grind: Convex
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Tang: Full

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9. Ka-Bar Becker BK7

Ka-Bar Becker BK

The Ka-Bar Becker BK7 is comparatively smaller than the BK9 but undoubtedly more combat-oriented than that.

The knife does not contain a big blade belly to chop with but contains a convenient clipping point and larger handguard that makes it a great poker. Even though the knife is made with exact same materials as the BK9, two knives are made for different purposes.

As the BK7 has a convenient grip and sharp edges, the is more praiseworthy than BK9 in the case of camping or survival purposes. This super sharp knife steel will cut the wood as smooth as a piece of butter.

The knife is capable of tearing apart the wood pieces in no time. The full tang feature provides extra strength and stability to the spine of the knife and allows you to have full control over the knife.


  • Overall Length: 12.75
  • Blade Length: 7.0”
  • Blade Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Zytel
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Designer: Ethan Becker
  • Tang: Full

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10. Spyderco Respect Bowie

Spyderco Respect Bowie

Spyderco Respect Bowie is one of the best kitchen knives you would ever see. This knife has an extremely well-designed and maintained handle that provides a firm and comfortable grip.

The clipping point and handguard are extraordinary. The steel is made of CPM-154 steel. The company has worked so hard to take the knife to another level of perfection. Depending on the used materials, the knife contains a low to high price range.

Spyderco’s US factor distributes the knife. The most amazing thing about the Spyderco Respect Bowie is the super smooth finishing of the steel which will give you extra joy using it.

The knife is for light uses, so you can’t make it go through heavy tasks like cutting woods. Besides having smooth steel, the knife is also adored for its classic design.


  • Overall Length: 13.5″
  • Blade Length: 7.94
  • Blade Steel: CPM-154
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Tang: Full

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Parts of Bowie Knife

Parts of Bowie Knife

There are 11 Parts in a knife. A modern knife consists of the following:

  1. The Blade.
  2. The Handle.
  3. The point – the end of the knife used for intense.
  4. The Edge – the cutting surface of the knife extending from the point to the heel.
  5. The Grind – the cross-sector shape of the blade.
  6. The Spine – the thickest section of the blade.
  7. On a single-edged knife, the side conflicting the edge; on a two-edged knife, more toward the middle.
  8. The fuller – a listen added to make the blade lighter.
  9. The ricasso – the flat section of the blade located at the connection of the blade and the knife’s bolster or guard.
  10. The hilt or butt – the end of the handle utilized for blunt force.
  11. The lanyard – a strap used to secure the knife to the wrist.

The blade edge can be plain, serrated, or both. Single-edged knives may have a reverse edge or a false edge occupying a section of the spine. These edges are usually serrated and are used to further enhance function.

The handle, used to grip and manipulate the blade safely, may include a tang, a portion of the blade that extends into the handle.

Knives are made with partial tangs (extending part into the handle, known as “stick tangs”) or full tangs (extending the full length of the handle, often visible on top and bottom).

The handle may include a bolster, a piece of heavy material (usually metal) situated at the front or rear of the handle. The bolster, as its name suggests, is used to mechanically strengthen the knife.


Features of Bowie Knife

There are some important features that a Bowie knife contains. Let’s have a look at what we should consider before buying one.

Blade Material

Normally the carbon steel is the most popular material for the steel but in the modern era, some advanced stainless steel is also used which is even better. Both of the options are preferable to make it work for you.

Blade Size

A Bowie knife’s blade should be from 5 inches to 15 inches in length, depending on the type. A larger steel got more cutting edge that allows you to do heavier tasks like cutting down woods, or vegetables. The shorter knife has more performance in the skinning works.

The length of the steel puts a direct impact on the weight of the knife. For example, if you are looking for a knife for self-defense, a larger knife will be hard to work with. You must choose a lightweight shorter one that you can handle easily.

The Material of the Handle

A low-quality handle will not provide you enough support. While choosing the handle, you should look for a durable material with a suitable grip. Even though the wooden handles provide an attractive option but the synthetic blends like rubber will provide a durable and strong grip.

Design of the Handle

Apart from the material, the functionality of the knife also depends on the design of the handle. A well-designed handle will provide a firm grip and more control. An original bowie knife has a contoured handle to ensure a better grip while a traditional bowie knife contains a hook at the end of the handle.


Tang is one of the most important parts of a bowie knife design. It’s the part that connects the steel with the handle. A full tang custom bowie knife will provide extreme durability while the half tang knife can be dull after some days of use.


A sheath is a beautiful piece of addition to your knife. It not only protects the knife but also keeps the sharpness of the steel for a long period of time. The hook attached to the sheath will also allow you to keep the knife hooked with your pant or belt. The sheath is a must-necessary part that a knife should contain.


Buying Guide How to Choose the Ideal Bowie Knife for You

This article is not only about getting the idea about the bowie knives but also we will be giving you the knowledge and all the relavant information about the Bowie knife. So that you can effectively identify the ideal bowie knife for sale on Amazon. Why don’t we dig deeper to discover all the qualities of an ideal bowie knife. Let’s jump into it without further delay.

1. Check the Construct Material

The first most important thing that you should keep in mind is that it has to be a full tang. The knife works as well as the steel material. It’s all about durability and sharpness. So a bowie knife will only work well as long as it contains the best blade materials. Weak materials will provide you the worst experience, as you will not find the knife worthy of using after a few months of use. Stick some wood several times, the spine will be dull in no time. A quality knife contains a carbon steel blade or stainless steel blade to provide maximum usability and durability. The ultimate functionality depends on the material, it doesn’t matter whatever the product is. It works with the same rule.

2. Check its Blade and Overall Length

That’s the deal. There is a proverb that quotes, “If you break the laws of physics, they’ll break you”. Machines and tools are all about science. The ultimate length of a fixed blade will determine the flexibility and balance of the whole knife which puts a direct impact on usability. You will get the feel and balance only when you have a perfect grip with a good proportion of steel and handle. Moreover, if it’s a combat knife, you have to have a lightweight and big Bowie with a medium length for excellent balance and control and transferring power towards the steel.

3. What Tang is it?

A full tang is a must-needed feature that you must search for. A full tang prevents the blade from breaking. A half tang in a heavy blade knife will give you the hardship to control it and you won’t get maximum durability out of it. The spine of the steel directly depends on the tang type. As all of your chopping works depends on the spine of the steel. When you will intend to perform a havier task with your knife, the full tang will stand in the game when the half tang can’t cope with the pressure.

4. A Word about the Sheath

The sheath is the ultimate safety and protection to the Bowie Knife from scratch and other things. A knife sheath also ensures easy portability. It assures, no one gets hurt while you are carrying it. Most of the sheath comes with a convenient hook that allows you to hook it up with you pant or belt for easy carrying. A plastic sheath is great in case of keeping the edges sharp and preventing any accident. However, the leather sheaths are comparatively a little bit expensive but they will provide the best results undoubtedly.

5. Ergonomic Design

A convenient knife is all about a pure and suitable design. An ergonomic handle and proportionate steel will ensure a sweet grip and easy control over the knife. The design of the handle and blade varies according to the purposes of use.

How to Sharpen A Bowie Knife – Essential Things

A bowie knife Maintaining and sharpening present a challenge. A Bowie knife with a sheath is an essential thing. The Bowie blade needs regular sharpening. You can sharpen it using a whetstone or commercial sharpening kit.

Step 1 When you sharpen a small bowie knife, duplicate the angle as closely as possible. Use a professional sharpener. It will have approach increments.

Step 2 Place the blade of the bowie knife on the whetstone at a suitable angle. Earlier to sharpening the knife. ensure your whetstone has been lubricated with the appropriate solution.

Step 3 According to Hunting Journeys straight passes along the stone prevent loss to the knife’s bevel.

Step 4 Flip the blade over, inspect its angle and sharpen. your edge will be even on both sides. If the paper does not wrinkle your knife is properly sharpened.

Step 5 Wash the whetstone with dishwashing liquefied .put the knife away.



If you are looking for a knife that is easy to carry around and provides maximum benefit, Bowie knives are the most versatile and contain great functionality. As the experts are in confusion about the specification of this kind of Knife, the Bowie knives come in a large number of variety for performing different purposes from survival to kitchen applications. It’s almost impossible to judge among all these excellent knives and declare one of them as the champion but we have mentioned all the features and functionalities so that you can judge by yourself and find out the best choice for you.

Hope you can find out the ideal choice for you that can fulfil your purpose without burning a hole in your wallet.


What is a Bowie knife good for?

The bowie knives are being used for so many purposes since the invention period. As the knife was invented specially for combat fighting by the pirates but nowadays they are being used for kitchen works like chopping woods, vegetables, meats, or even in self-defense. The suitable design of the Bowie knife allows the user to get the maximum benefit out of the knife for different purposes.

Why are Bowie knives illegal?

Apart from some countries, carrying a knife that contains a blade of more than 2.5 inches is totally illegal. In the past, so many mobs and gangs used knives for criminal activities. As the design of a bowie knife is suitable for murder, the knife is considered to be a deadly weapon by the experts. However, you can use those for indoor activities and carry them outside for legal purposes with the permission of the government authority.

Are Bowie knives good for self-defense?

As the design of a bowie knife is quite deadly it’s an uncomfortable weapon for self-defense. The belly of the steel is perfectly shaped for chopping and the edges are extra sharp which can easily cut the flash deeply. So, in the case of self-defense, there is no other knife that can be as scary as a bowie knife. But bear in mind, you should only apply the knife when you really have to.

Who makes the best bowie knife?

Although many companies produce and distribute different models of Bowie knives, Ka-Bar and Buck are the most popular among them. They manufacture Bowie knives of different categories containing low to high price range.

Is it illegal to walk around with a knife?

In most countries, walking around with a knife containing a blade of more than 2.5 inches in completely illegal. The knife is considered to be a deadly weapon that can cause fatal crime or murder. However, one can carry a knife with a valid cause. For that, the permission of the government is essential.

What is the best steel for a bowie knife?

Carbon steel is the best choice for the Bowie knives and all the knives and swords. Carbon steel provides maximum flexibility and durability in case of random use. The quality of carbon steel is suitable for the usability of the user no matter what purpose he is using it for. However, in modern times so many knife companies are using stainless steel as an alternative to carbon steel. Both of them are quite good to work with.

Is the Buck 120 full tang?

Buck 120 is firmly built with a full tang and finger clip feature. The full tang feature allows the knife to keep a strong bond between the blade and the handle.

What did the real Bowie knife look like?

The real Bowie knife used to look like a butcher’s knife. The knife came to light and got international recognition when Jim Bowie used it in September 1827. The knife was covered with a silver-mounted black leather sheath.

Is a 4-inch knife illegal?

The limit of the length of a knife varies from place to place. As in the state of California, there is no particular mention where it is completely illegal to carry a 3 inches knife in Los Angeles, USA. There are so many countries where carrying a knife more than 2.5 inches are illegal.

What knives do Marines carry?

The United States Marine Corps has been using standard combat knives since world war 2.The knife is perfectly designed for military use.

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