Best Horizontal Carry Knives & Sheath Review

A horizontal carry is a comfortable option for most people, but it’s not always the best tactical choice. You need to be able to carry a gun on you at all times, even when you’re not in the woods.

You’ve tried a lot of different sheath systems for carrying knives. Some are well-designed and feel comfortable when wearing them, and others feel uncomfortable.

Whether you are cleaning game in the field or curving wood to build an impromptu shelter, reliable bushcraft can be the deciding factor that makes your job easier as well as keeps you alive.

While buying a bushcraft knife or tactical blade for horizontal carry, remember that the knife you choose will also largely determine how useful it is to you.

Bushcraft knives are arguably the greater tool that men invented and it belongs to a very special breed. But before buying one you need to pay attention to the characteristic of the knife for various survival applications.

Our Testing Method for Horizontal Carry Knives

There are a variety of of horizontal carry options available depending on the type of sheath a knife ships with. There are six variations shown in this image.

When testing horizontal carry knives, we have a thorough and rigorous process. We pick up every knife made for horizontal carry that we can reasonably afford and personally wear them around for a while before selecting our favorites. Our criteria for selection are loose, but any knife that feels comfortable on the belt and is easy to draw makes it on our list.

Our methods tend to change depending on the season, but the testing process generally involves various activities. These include camping, hiking, jogging, climbing trees, swimming up a creek, mowing the lawn, tripping over rocks, shaking fists at neighbor kids, sitting on couches, eating BBQ, shopping for groceries, and tying shoes. We also test the knives in everyday situations, such as sitting on couches or shopping for groceries.

Our goal is to test the knives in various scenarios to ensure they are comfortable and easy to use. We want to ensure that the handle of the belt-carry knife doesn’t jab us in the ribs every other step. Following this testing method can provide our readers with accurate and reliable recommendations for the best horizontal carry knives.


Here we have made a list of the top 10 Bushcraft knives and Tactical fixed blades for survival and wilderness that can be your perfect companion in any situation.

So Read on to find out my top list of the best horizontal and scout carry knives!

10 Best Best Horizontal Carry Knives List

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion

Excellent horizontal carry knife from Ka-Bar. It's small size and ambidextrous sheath make it ideal for backpacking.

The number 1 place in this list is taken by Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion. This is the first bushcraft knife that I’ve ever got and to date my absolute favorite. It has devastating cutting power that increases your survival abilities while bushcrafting. This knife has a 5.25-inch blade that is made of strong 1095 Carbon steel.

The drop point shape of the blade with a plain edge looks stunning. It has a durable black, non-reflectable epoxy coating finish and the steel is not corrosion-resistant can be easily sharpened. With a 0.26 inches thickness, this blade can easily curve and chop wood. Its healing handle provides a comfortable grip which is fashioned out of Zytel.

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion fixed blade knife shown worn in the horizontal scout carry position on a belt around a men's waist.
The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion sheath is ambidextrous for both front horizontal carry or scout (back) horizontal carry.

It’s a tough class nylon material. The handle slabs are locked in place. The three quality hex nuts on the handle make it a perfect complement to the BK2’s heavy-duty blade. The handle is also slightly textured so it gives a very strong grip. And it stood up well when the baton dropped, thrown, and otherwise abuses, most of the time showing any scratches and all.

The thank of the blade can be used as an improvised hammer. It comes with a polyester GFN-PA66 sheath and belt loop that makes it easy to carry. The effective overall construction makes it possible to use it as a spear. The knife thang being thicker than any other knife I’ve seen I am pretty much beat the tar out of this knife by throwing and chopping stuff with zero fear of breaking this beast of a knife.

Get this knife just by spending 100 USD and thank me later. Also you can read my in-dept review about Ka-Bar Becker BK2.


Overall Length1095- Carbon Steel
Blade Length5.25″
Blade Steel0.26”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialZytel
SheathGFN -PA66
Made inUSA
  • This knife is solid, has flat grind, comes with a thick protective coating.
  • It has amazing ergonomics, is reasonably priced, has a great blade design.
  • It is made of good materials.
  • It has after market scales and sheaths for sale.
  • Handle scales are slick.
  • It comes with a protective coating that is a bit thick.
  • It has less than impressive sheath.

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2. Spyderco Bushcraft G10

Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives - 2022 Update

Made with great thought and precision this Spyderco’s version of a bushcraft knife has a full tank construction. The 4.1-inch blade is made out of 0-1 tool steel. This steel has a high carbon content thus it holds a greater edge. It retains sharpness for a long time. The edges have a wide and flat single bevel scandi grind. The blade can withstand frequent twisting and hacking when you are in the wilderness.

The sheath is kind of involved to wear horizontally, but it will sit secure once you get it on.
The Spyderco Bushcraft G10 is one of the best production sheaths we have ever tested.

The knife handle is a contoured G10 handle that feels extremely comfortable in your hands. It will protect you from getting any hot spots after prolonged use. It also has a backup liner tool. This knife comes with a black leather sheath which is thick and durable. It’s very capable of performing any wild chores in the wilderness. Slicing, chopping, whipping is very easy with this knife. This design is sleek and streamlined.Can’t recommend this knife enough.

It’s a good choice for surviving in the wilderness. Spyderco Bushcraft G10 has excellent reviews online. You can get this knife for around 245 USD.


Blade Steel0-1 Tool Steel
Blade Length4.1″
Blade Thickness0.14”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialG-10
Made inTaiwan

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3. Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife is a great horizontal carry knife when it is ordered with the molle sheath option.

With very elegant packaging and outlook, the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife is everything that a bushcraft enthusiast wants in his life. This is an indispensable tool for a variety of outdoor survival applications.

It’s 4.3 inches long and 3.2mm thick Swedish carbon steel blade stays very sharp and has a prominent tip. It makes splitting out small kindling for the fire and curving super easy. This thick carbon steel blade is treated with a DLC coating that to some extent protects against rust. The Morrocan bootstrap feature has an ergonomic high friction grip rubber handle.

The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife has a pretty versatile sheath, so it is a good choice if you need options.

It makes the knife comfortable and enjoyable to work with. After holding it, you will feel like the entire knife is just an extension of your hand. Its molded-plastic sheath is robust and has an integrated diamond sharpener that can yield up to seven thousand strokes. Its all-weather Moroccan firestarter can produce a 3000-degree Celsius spark in any kind of weather.

If you prefer a boost tracking lifestyle this Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife offers everything that one needs. And you can get your hands on it with just 60 USD.


Blade SteelCarbon Steel
Blade Length4.3″
Blade Thickness0.126”
Blade StyleStraight, Defined Tip
Handle MaterialG-10
SheathMolded Plastic
Made inSweden

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4. Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 – Belt Knife Sheath Horizontal

Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 fixed blade knife with micarta handles tilted at an angle on a texture background.

This one is specially made by Benchmade. Designed by Shane Siebert this Benchmade horizontal carry bushcrafter packs power with sharpness and makes bush crafting efficient. This knife features a 4.4-inch full tank blade which is ideal for building shelters, carving woods. The blade is made of CPM-S30V stainless steel and has a beautiful polished finish. The blade type is drop point and it’s very precise and the plain edge of the blade ensures strength and versatility.

Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

The blade has superb edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle has resin-soaked fiberglass construction that is moisture resistant and stable across fast-changing climates. Vulcanized spacer and fresh titanium tubing hold the handle together. The knife comes in a beautiful sheath that is made of damage protective heavy leather with a retention strap and D-ring for easy carry.

You can add this Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 to your collection if you are a serious bushcrafter. This has great user reviews online and the price for this versatile knife is around 220 USD.


Blade SteelCPM-S30V Steel
Blade Length4.40″
Blade Thickness0.164”
Blade StylePlain, Drop Point
Handle MaterialContoured G-10
Made inUSA

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5. Tops Knives Fieldcraft by B.O.B (Brother of Bushcraft)

The Tops Knives Fieldcraft is a favorite of horizontal carry fans.

From curving woods and trap triggers to chopping thorough branches the tops knives brothers of bushcraft is ready for any chore that you can throw at it in a wilderness survival situation. The knife features a 4.75 inch long and 0.19inch thick full thank. Made of 1095 steel blade. The blade type is scandi grind which is effective for carving, skinning, and other general woodwork. And the blade line makes all the busy crafting work easier for you.

A man's hand drawing the Tops Knives Fieldcraft from it's sheath which is worn in the front horizontal carry position.
A man’s hand drawing the Tops Knives Fieldcraft from it’s sheath which is worn in the front horizontal carry position.

The ergonomic handle is made of canvas micarta which gives a pretty comfortable grip. The handle is also tough enough for any kind of abuse. The knife is also lightweight which is why balancing the knife on your hand is easy.

The bow drill divot on the handle is frictionless. You can start a primitive fire easily with this. The sheath it comes in is strong Kydex, it has a steel belt clip. It also comes with a built-in Ferro rod attachment point which makes the sheath a safe and secure minimal surviving kit.

If you want to own only one bushcraft knife, you can blindly put your money on this one. You can buy this knife online for around 140 USD.


Blade Steel1095 RC 56-58 
Blade Length4.75″
Blade Thickness0.19”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialRubber
SheathBlack Polymer
Made inUSA

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6. Broker Real Steel Bushcraft Coyote II

Real Steel Bushcraft Knife With Kydex Sheath Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives

With the incredible blade geometry and balance Broker, Real Steel Bushcraft II Coyote is built for serious bushcraft activities. It’s a great survival knife with 4.125 inches long blade. The blade is made of D2 steel which has Rockwell hardness of 58-60 HRC. It provides stability and toughness with a full-profile tank. Applications such as building shelters, chopping wood, curving wood, etc is easier with this knife blade. It’s 1.14 inches thick. The blade style is scandi grind drop point which is known for optimal sharpness and durability.

Real Steel Bushcraft Knife With Kydex Sheath

The handle of this knife is made of solid G10 with red underlay. It looks beautiful and provides a nice grip. The handle has a large barrel pin lanyard hole which is enough big even if you want to use the thickest paracord in your knife. This knife comes with a thick Kydex sheath which is very high in quality and a built adapter that makes the belt attachment easy.

If you are a beginner bushcrafter and still developing your skill or experience the Broker Real Steel Bushcraft coyote II is the best tool for you. You can get it for around 60 USD.


Blade SteelD2
Blade Length4.125″
Blade Thickness0.14”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialG-10
Made inUSA

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7. Buck 863 Selkirk Knife – EDC Fixed Blade

The Buck 863 Selkirk is a favorite of scout carry fans.

Buck 863 Selkirk knife is a multifunctional everyday carry. It’s the very best survival knife for rugged conditions. This Buck Selkirk knife features a 4.65 inches drop point blade. The steel is made of 420 high carbon stainless steel, which is my favorite for a bushcraft knife. This fully built chromium stainless steel ensures super corrosion resistance. The exclusive heat-treat process of the bug makes it durable. The handle of the knife is made of CNC contoured micarta. The handle also features a steel bolster.

The versatility of the Buck Selkirk sheath allow it to be used in horizontal or scout carry positions for both right and left handed folks.

This rear bolster can be used as an improvised hammer. It comes in two colors – brown and black. The knife comes with a super-strong heavy-duty sheath that is made of injection-molded nylon. This sheath can be configured according to your personal style. Horizontal carry or vertical carry however you like. It features a 2.25″ fire striker with an integrated whistle which will come in handy in rugged situations. It has a satin-matte finish.

Overall, I’d say the very best survival knife for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. You can have this knife for around 80 USD.


Blade Steel420 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length4.625″
Blade Thickness0.135”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialCNC Contoured Micarta
SheathInjection Molded Nylon 
Made inChina

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8. Ontario Knife 6525 Bushcraft Field Knife

Ontario Knife 6525 is a great bushcraft knife is capable of vertical or horizontal carry, and it is MOLLE compatible.

This Ontario 6525 bushcraft field knife has everything that you can demand from a survival blade. Handcrafted, simple, rugged, and reliable – a great knife. This fixed blade knife features a 5-inch blade made of 5160 carbon stainless steel. The blade steed is 0.12 inches thick and very sharp. The blade style is fully flat grounded to maximize usage. It allows the user a smooth cutting surface, fine wood carving, and mid-cutting ability.

From a bushcraft standpoint the Ontario 6525 bushcraft field knife checks a lot of boxes. It would be nice if the sheath were a little more versatile though., so it could be carried in both left or right side horizontal carry positions.

The knife features an American walnut hardwood handle that provides super grip. The handle also has a lanyard that you can attach to your knife. The knife has a nice satin finish. It comes with a black Ferro rod fire-starting tool with a measuring ruler. The horizontal carry sheath of the knife is simple and made of nylon. This death is designed and manufactured by renowned manufacturer DeSantis. It has a retention strap, a pocket clip and the red stitching on the sheath makes it very eye-catching.

I highly recommend you getting this beautiful Ontario 6525 knife for your next wild adventure. You can get this knife for around 90 USD.


Blade Steel5160 Carbon Steel
Blade Length5.00″
Blade Thickness0.12”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialWalnut
Made inUSA

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9. Fällkniven F1 3G

Fällkniven F1 3G

When it is about bushcraft or survival knife, the Fällkniven F1 is one of the most famous and very best bushcraft knives in the world and I had to mention it in this list. It is the official survival knife of the Swedish airforce pilots since 1995.

This knife features a 3.8-inch convex ground plate. The blade steel is made of laminated 3D steel which is incredibly tough and holds a greater edge. The exceptional design of this tactical knife is tremendously versatile for any wilderness survival task. It has a very nice satin finish. The knife features a Black Checkered Thermorun Elastomer Handle which gives it a very classic survival knife look.

Fällkniven F1 3G Horizontal Carry

The knife handle has a lanyard hole and provides a good grip. It gives a safe and comfortable use in wet and dry conditions. This knife comes with two kinds of sheaths- a covering pouch or an extremely tough injection-molded ZYTEL sheath. The double safety injection molded sheath offers a strong combination of qualities. If you go on rough adventures, I suggest you get the injection-molded sheath for better protection.

The handy size, the well-thought-out design, and incredibly tough 3D laminated steel make this knife something you can truly rely on for bushcraft chores. The Fällkniven F1 3G has great user review. You can avail this knife for around 240 USD.


Blade Steel Laminated 3G Steel
Blade Length3.5″
Blade Thickness0.18”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialThermorun
SheathLeather, Zytel
Made inSweden

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10. ESEE RB 3


The ESEE EB 3 camp-lore fixed blade bushcraft knife has a simple and traditional fixed blade design that has been field-proven for years. Its 3.5-inch black oxide carbon steel blade has a thickness of 0.125 inches. The blade is really sharp and exceptionally tough. Its Scandinavian grind and drop point construction make it very useful for bushcrafting so cutting or curving tinder and making a shelter are easier in the wilderness and a tougher situation. It comes fitted with a removable ergonomic canvas micarta handle.

ESEE RB 3 Horizontal Carry

The handle provides a comfortable and secure grip during your toughest adventures and chores. The comfortable grip makes you feel like the knife blade is an extension of your hand. Therefore you will always be in control of the knife while using it. This ESSE RB 3 comes with a USA-made leather drop sheath supplied by one of the oldest tanneries in North America.

To make your bushcraft activities more fun the easy arbitrary camp-lore fixed blade knife can be a good all-in-one choice for you. Also, the see 3 horizontal sheath looks very classy when you carry it. This knife has a great user rating. The retail price of this knife is 130 USD.


Blade Steel1095 Carbon Steel
Blade Length3.50″
Blade Thickness0.125”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialMicarta
Made inUSA

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10 Best Tactical Fixed Blade For Scout Carry


1. KA-BAR 1220 US Army Fighting Knife

KA-BAR 1220 US Army Fighting Knife

The most famous fixed blade knife in the world. It was designed to serve us, troops, during world war II and is still doing its job. That’s why it is top on my list. Made from 7 inches black coated 1095 Cro-Van Steel which has high carbon content. It’s a solid blade with a high level of toughness with enhanced piercing capabilities. The black coating provides super corrosion resistance and the blade can be easily sharpened to a razor-like edge. The knife weighs 10.1oz.

KA-BAR 1220 US Army Fighting Knife Horizontal Carry

It features the infamous hub bar’s oval-shaped leather handle. It provides excellent grip in adverse conditions and just by regular maintenance this knife will last for decades. A fully steel guard offers additional protection from slipping onto the blade. The hefty carbon steel blade makes the knife very well balanced and you can use it as a hammer. This beautiful beast of a knife comes in a very attractive embossed brown leather sheath

With this traditional design and long-lasting legacy the KA-BAR 1220 US Army fighting knife is a top choice of tactical knife for any knife enthusiast. And you can own this knife just by spending 90 USD.


Blade Steel1095 Cro-Van High Carbon Tool Steel
Blade Length7″
Blade Thickness0.17”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialLeather 
Made inUSA

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2. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

The Morakniv Companion all in all fixed blade knife is capable of withstanding any tactical, survival scenario and it can handle abuse like there’s no other. The knife blade is 4.1 inches Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel with 0.1-inch thickness. The knife-edge is a traditional scandi grind that makes it versatile for any survival chores like curving woods, Craving food preps, and chopping tinder.

The knife spine is ground to a 90-degree sharp handle. The high-quality razor-sharp Swedish steel blade is incredibly durable, less prone to rust, and easily sharpened. The knife handle is made of hard plastic and the addition of rubber on the handle offers a better grip and sits comfortably in the hand for better control safety and performance regardless of wet and cold conditions.

Starting a fire with this knife also comes in the handy cause of the fire starter which is integrated into the handle. The knife comes in a sheath that is made of hard polymer and has a clip on its back. Thus you can easily carry the sheath in your belt loop and carry it around.

I would say, this Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is the jack of all trades. You can get this perfect all-rounder tool for your survival scenario for around 40 USD only.


Blade SteelSandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel
Blade Length4.1″
Blade Thickness0.1”
Blade StyleScandi Grind
Handle MaterialHard Plastic
Made inSweden

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3. SOG Seal Strike

Seal Strike is a combination of everything good that SOG has to offers- means serious business. This knife has been supplied to the world’s most elite military forces by SOG. The knife’s 4.9-inch blade is made from AUS 8 stainless steel that gives it a tough exterior. The blade has a powder-coated finish which gives it a very elegant satin look.

The partially serrated blade is an excellent field companion for outdoor and underwater adventures. Its glass-reinforced stainless steel handle is roughly textured which provides a very strong grip. This knife is strong and well fit for hand and its clip point designing makes it perfect for puncturing and hammering.

The seal strike comes with a standard hard nylon sheath and an adjustable belt loop. This deluxe model, however, comes with cool features like a built-in cord cutter, a single-stage sharpener, and a large attachment point.

This knife could be your best companion on field trips or adventures. You can buy this knife online for 100 USD.


Blade SteelAUS-8 Stainless Steel Blade
Blade Length4.9″
Blade Thickness0.16”
Blade StylePartially Serrated
Handle MaterialGlass Reinforced Nylon
SheathStandard Hard Nylon Sheath
Made inUSA

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4. Benchmade 202 Leuk

Benchmade 202 Leuku was specially made for rugged applications while maximizing hand comfort. This knife is rock solid and ready for tactical use. The knife features a top 5.19 inches CPM-3V stainless steel with a thickness of 0.14 inches. CPM-3V is supreme steel mostly knows for its toughness and holding the consistently great edge. It comes with a satin finish and the blade looks beautiful. The handle of the knife is made of Santoprene and is very durable and is flexible yet feels comfortable in the hand. It also has a lanyard hole. The overall construction of the knife is sturdy. The sheath of the knife is black leather with a Ferro rod loop and articulating dangler. Carrying it around is easy because it also has a belt loop.

In a situation where a tactical knife is a must, this is the fixed blade knife you can count on blindly. You can get this Benchmade 202 Leuku for around 150 USD.


Blade Steel CPM-3V (60-62 HRC)
Blade Length5.19″
Blade Steel0.14”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialTextured Santropene 
Made inUSA

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5. Hogue EX-F01

You probably know Hogue for its gun grips and high-end sporting capillary. Their EX-F01 is a precision-built and high-performance tactical knife. This knife features a 1/4 inches thick and .5 inches long A2 tool steel blade that provides excellent strength and durability. The KG gun coat finished blade comes with a heavy-duty drop point and a flat grind.

The blade has an extended breaker at the base and can be used as an impact tool. The G-10 handle scale features a styling Gmascuss pattern. A Torx wrench is securely tucked on the front side of the handle while the shape and contoured of the handle offer an extremely comfortable grip. The EX-F01 includes a black MII Spec Ballistic Nylon sheath with a polymer inside. It can be attached to your belt for carrying a length of paracord.

This Hogue EX-F01 model effortlessly fits the need of a tactical or survival knife when durability is the main issue. The price of this knife is around 210 USD.


Blade SteelA2 Tool Steel
Blade Length5.5″
Blade Thickness0.25”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialG-10 Fiber, Damascus Pattern
SheathBlack Mil-spec Ballistic Nylon
Made inUSA

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6. WE Knife Co. Vaquita

WE Knife Co. Vaquita is more like a mini cookie fix blade knife. It was mainly designed for neck carry.  The blade is the most attractive part of this neck knife. It’s a 3.2 inches full tang S35VN premium stainless steel, with a two-tone stone-washed finished. It gives the blade a very gorgeous premium look.

Apart from the look, S35VN gives a good edge on retention and toughness while boasting an uber cutting potential and making it perfect for daily use. The recurved blade with plenty of bellies ultimately ends into a piercing tip point. Its clean and curved design makes this knife beautiful. The handle scales are made of 3D machine pure carbon fiber which feels premium in hand and the design is eye-catching. Although the handle is small (2-3 finger grip) but it fits perfectly and comfortably. The knife weighs 1.69 oz.

The Vaquita comes in a plain black Kydex sheath with a black ball chain attached for neck carry. You can carry this knife as a statement piece around the neck. It retails for around 110 USD.


Blade SteelS35VN Premium Stainless Steel
Blade Length3.2″
Blade Steel0.13”
Blade StyleRecurve
Handle MaterialCarbon Fiber
SheathBlack Kydex
Made inUSA

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7. Emerson Police Utility Knife

The Emerson police utility knife is specially designed for police military and other tactical situations. The features a 3.6 inches short and robust blade. The overall size of the knife is 8.8 inches. The blade steel is 154CM stainless steel with an extremely strong V grind. The sharpness of the blade is extraordinary and it features a traditional design that I like.

Stonewashed, flat ground and satin finish adds to its aesthetic appeal, functionality, strength, and resistance to wear. This spear point blade shape comes with a textured black G-10 handle. The handle also features a deep guard and positive thumb ramp designed to provide an uncompromising safety grip. The handle also has two lanyard hole that offers extra carrying versatility. The sheath of the knife is injection molded Kydex and has a belt clip.

This fix blade knife is amazing for serious tactical purposes. You can get this knife for around 250 USD.


Blade Steel154 CM Stainless Steel
Blade Length3.6″
Blade Steel0.125”
Blade StyleV-Grind
Handle MaterialBlack Textured G-10 Epoxy
Made inUSA

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8. Gerber LMF II

Gerber LMF II

LMF II fixed blade knife is considered a military survival tool. It has been field-tested by the troops. The blade of the knife is raw reflective black finish 4.84 inches with 420 HC stainless steel and partially serrated. The blade provides strength durability and maximum utility. The drop point blade with the shredded edge is seriously sharp and really useful. Forged from a non-conductive glass-filled nylon-made handle provides an excellent grip.

Gerber LMF II Horizontal Carry

This functional design of the handle has three lashing holes and grooves that can be used to make the knife into a spear. There is a flat metal butt cap at the end of the knife. In addition, it is ergonomic to your hand. The spike pommel can be used as a hammer, you can break through a glass with that.

The knife includes a heavy-duty buckled ballistic sheath with nylon straps with fire redundant coating. Its multiple mounting options include an integrated knife sharpener. The LMF 2 is designed to take on any task one can come across in combat and survival situations. The price of this one of the best survival knives is 90 USD.


Blade Steel420 High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Length4.84″
Blade Steel0.2”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialGlass Field Nylon with TPV Overmold
SheathBallistic Nylon
Made in
Portland, Oregon

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9. ESEE 6P


Designed for tactical purposes this 6P has to be ESEE’s best creation. It’s one of the best all-rounder fixed blade knives in the market right now. With 0.188 inches blade thickness, it gives a perfect balance between toughness and cutting efficiency. Made of high carbon 1095 steel is a top choice for professional cutlery purposes. Its extremely sustainable powder coating makes the blade durable.

ESEE 6P Horizontal Carry

However, it should be kept properly lubricated and clean. What I like most about the ergonomic handle is its micarta scales. Its water resistance and features a solid full tank construction. It comes with a lanyard hole and a finger choil. The handle can be used as an s hammer. The knife comes in a molded plastic sheath that has a clip plate, paracord lanyard, and cord lock. If you want to own only one tactical fixed blade that can face the toughest serving scenario this is your knife. You can avail this knife for around 150 USD.


Blade Steel1095 Carbon Steel Material
Blade Length6.50″
Blade Thickness0.188”
Blade StyleDrop Point
Handle MaterialMicarta
SheathPlastic With Clip Plate
Made inUSA

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10. Buck Knives 119

Buck Knives 119

Buck 119 is a special edition of Buck knives that has been proven as a classic tactical tool for more than 50 years. The designed aesthetic of this fixed blade knife is just iconic, honestly. It features a 6-inch blade made of 420 high carbon stainless steel with a hollow grind with a very sharp pointy clip. The blade is satin finished with hollow ground bevels and a plain edge. Its 0.175 inches of thickness makes it incredibly sturdy and durable.

Buck Knives 119 scout carry

The blade is also very well balanced, piercing, cutting, or carving is very easy with this knife blade. This hunting knife has a cocobolo diamond wood handle which consists of a polished fingered guard alongside palm swells for a comfortable grip. The aluminum pommel provides the perfect combination of beauty and balance. The 119 special also comes with a genuine high-quality protective leather sheath with a snap fastener. The sheath itself is made in Mexico from genuine burgundy leather.

Durable construction, versatile cutting ability, and timeless design, all come together with bulk 119 special. This knife is just too beautiful to be ignored. You can get this classic fixed blade knife for around 100 USD.


Blade Steel420 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length6″
Blade Thickness0.175”
Blade StyleHollow Grind
Handle MaterialCocobolo Dymondwood
SheathGenuine Leather
Made inUSA

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So, that was my list of top bushcraft and tactical knives list for you. Hope it was helpful. Let me know in the comment section below, which one is your favorite bushcraft knife, and also let me know what you thought of my list as well.

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