10 Most Dangerous Knives In The World 2024

What is the most dangerous knives in the world? “Knives are Man’s Best Friend in Need.” Although knives are regarded as an old-fashioned weapon still in the era of mass death weaponry, knives are considered as versatile gear even in the highest-level military units today. Best survival knives are used for purposes like self-defense, camping, hunting, hiking, cutting, and sometimes for collection purposes.

Be it the most deadly or dangerous knives in the world, each one is created with innovation and uniqueness. Deadly knives are mostly extraordinary knives and define as lethal weapons that can cause some serious damage, even death! These knives can safeguard a person who is carrying them at the same time they can prove to be deadly if it is not carried in a good way.

If you want to discover some of the world’s most deadly knives, read on! In this blog post, I am going to share with you the 10 most deadliest knives ever manufactured in the world.

The most deadly knife in history was the Mark I Trench Knife, a brutal weapon used by the U.S. Navy in World War I. It combined a triangular blade for stabbing and a brass knuckle for punching. It was banned by the Geneva Convention for being too cruel.

Caution: These sharpest knives are the best self-defense weapon but can prove deadly if not handled properly!! Some knives fall into this category because of their look of a dangerous tactical knife.

10 World’s Most Dangerous Knives Reviewed

1. Poshland RAM-211

Poshland RAM-211 is a masterpiece. It is known to be the most dangerous knife in the world. According to knife fanatics, this mind-blowing spiraling survival knife is not just a knife, it’s an art piece and it is one of a kind.

The length of the knife is 10 inches and the knife handle is 5 inches with a 5 inches blade length. It has a leather Scabbard. The best feature of this lethal knife is it’s a beautiful pattern made by 1095/15N20 alloy steel. It gives the knife great edge retention and sharp cutting abilities.

The HRC of this blade is 58-60. And it has been sharpened to a sharp edge. This full Damascus double round edge dagger knife is designed to last forever. It also comes with a handmade leather knife sheath which I personally think makes it look more luxurious.

2. Push Dagger

push dagger

Source: Push Dagger

Push Dagger is the smallest but deadliest dagger in the world. This short dagger is mostly used as a defense weapon. This lethal weapon is designed as a great close quarter combat weapon. It has a thick and short blade attached to it. And this thick and short blade is lethal enough to cause serious injuries. The T shaped handle of this knife gives the user a great and comfortable grip.  The small blade of this knife has tremendous power to thrust into the body which really makes it one of the bad4ss knives ever.


3. US 1918 Mark I Trench Knife

US 1918 Mark I Trench Knife

Source: US 1918 Mark I Trench Knife

The Mark I Trench Knife is the most deadly knife in history. It was built in 1918 by American engineer Joseph Vickers for the U.S. Navy. It’s a historical knife used during the First World War. An army uniform was created for US soldiers who fought in World War 1 in the trenches.

This knife was designed to be a close combat weapon. The Second World War saw the widespread use of the bayonet.

The attractive feature of this knife is the knuckles and cause of this it was considered the best weapon for close-quarter combat. The soldiers would wear the knuckles and use the sharp edge of the blade to stab their opponents.

A trench knife was more like a brass knuckle knife with a powerful sharp blade attached to the knuckles. It was the primary fighting knife during World War I and it was used as a secondary stabbing weapon during World War II.

4. Smith  & Wesson SWHRT9BHigh Carbon

Smith & Wesson aims at constructing the deadliest knives for all situations. If you are a knife collector or a survivalist you can rely upon this survival knife for any kind of dangerous situation.

When it is about the most dangerous knives then Smith & Wesson aims at creating deadly knives for all situations. You can rely upon this tool in any situation if you are a knife collector, first responder, or survivalist. The blade knife features a beautiful pattern with reliable 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel and the knife handle is wrapped with rubber.  The handguard feature of the knife keeps the blade secure which makes this knife ideal for everyday carry. The knife handle is a bit slimy, thus it should be tackled cautiously.

5. Stiletto Knife

Stiletto Knife

Source: Stiletto Knife

If you are looking for one of the lethal knives ever, Stiletto Knife is your answer. Manufactured in Italy, this knife was used by bulger in the early ’80s later for its functionality it became widely popular worldwide. The Stiletto knife has a look of a dagger. It features a long slender blade that looks very dangerous. There is a sharp point on the blade.

And the sharp blade can penetrate deeply into the body and cause long-term wounds and injuries. This makes it a powerful thrusting and stabbing knife.

6. Machete

Machete knife

Source: Machete knife

Machete is enormously powerful in the knife world. It’s a giant knife mostly used by the butchers for cutting meat. So you can understand how much power its blade possesses. Machete has a thick and very long curved blade.

The handle is not long compared to the blade. Machete is easily one of the most deadliest knives ever. Apart from being a massive knife, Machete is very strong. You can cut harder material with this knife in a very comfortable manner. It is not only used for cutting meat, but also for other heavy-duty tasks.

7. Coveted Shark Knife

Coveted Shark Knife

Source: Coveted Shark Knife

The only knife in the world that actually made me wonder for a while what on earth is going on! This knife features so many blades and options that you will be confused about which part to go for first and use it. But this amazing (although impractical) weapon features an array of razor-sharp blades which look like a vicious shark.

Imagine yourself armed with this shark knife, you can face any threat that comes your way with confidence. Although to me, it feels like more of a hazard to someone who is wearing it. If not handled tactfully, the blades are likely to cut you as they are your opponent. Also, the one who is wearing this has to be so careful before putting his arms at his side.

My two cents? It’s not something someone should buy for regular use/collection purposes. If you are too interested in buying a knife that’s not constructed to look like a knife and can kill sharks, I recommend going for this bad4ss WASP knife. At least that knife won’t shred up your body or everyone else just in case you sneeze.

8. HTOMT Butterfly Stainless Steel

HTOMT Butterfly Stainless Steel has to be on the list of deadliest knives. It is actually one of my favorite cause of its unique and certain exceptional features. It is made of stainless steel material thus provides excellent corrosion resistance. This knife has a very unique color that attracted me the most and the color is not easy to fade.

It is a very durable knife too. The overall length of this knife is 9 inches and the folding length is 5.3 inches. The handle has balance holes that’s why the handles stay comfortable and give a strong feeling.

It is a perfect knife if you really want to get a butterfly knife. The mechanism is a little bit difficult and different for beginners. Although this features no sharp edge, no offensive blades, and is safe to use but still the users of this feel it a dangerous knife to tackle.

 9. Bowie Knife

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife with Embossed Genuine Leather Sheath

The Bowie knife is a well-known and respected blade that has been around since the early 19th century. Named after the legendary knife fighter James “Jim” Bowie, this knife was designed to be a versatile tool that could be used for both hunting and self-defense.

While the Bowie knife is a popular choice among hunters and outdoorsmen, it has also gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous knives in the world. This is due in part to its large size and razor-sharp edge, which can cause serious injury or even death if wielded improperly.

One of the key features that make the Bowie knife so dangerous is its size. Typically, a Bowie knife has a blade that measures anywhere from six to twelve inches in length, with some models even larger. This large size makes it easy to inflict serious damage with just one swipe of the blade.

Another factor that contributes to the danger of the Bowie knife is its sharpness. Most Bowie knives are made from high-quality steel that is designed to hold a razor-sharp edge. This sharpness, combined with the knife’s size, means that it can easily slice through flesh and bone, causing significant damage to its target.

Of course, the danger of the Bowie knife also depends on the skill of the person wielding it. A skilled knife fighter can use a Bowie knife effectively and safely, while an untrained individual could accidentally cause harm to themselves or others.

In addition to its size and sharpness, the Bowie knife also has a reputation for being a weapon of choice among criminals and gang members. This association with violence and crime has only added to the knife’s dangerous reputation.

Despite its reputation as one of the most dangerous knives in the world, the Bowie knife remains a popular choice among hunters and outdoorsmen. When used responsibly and with proper training, it can be an effective tool for survival in the wilderness. However, it’s important to remember that any knife can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and caution should always be exercised when handling sharp objects.

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10. Full Tang Knives

Full Tang Knives

Source: Full Tang Knives

Full tang knives are popular for being the strongest and most durable knives ever. The blade of this knife goes to the full length of the knife handle. This knife is differentiated from the half-tang knives in terms of blade length. A full tang knife is super powerful and can last a lifetime. This immense power of the knife blade makes it deadly. You might often see military personnel carrying this knife for heavy duty!


The Final Verdict

If you want to upgrade and enhance your knife collection, you can get one of the deadliest knives from this list. But before getting one always go through the features, blade type, material, and shape of the knives and buy the one that suits your needs. Always handle the knives with care otherwise, it could lead to serious accidents. These knives are called ‘dangerous knives’ for a reason as knives owner sometimes get injured cause of careless knife handling.

Almost all the knives mentioned above are the deadliest and are used for emergency situations like warfare, fighting, and military purposes.

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