Is Benchmade A Good Knife Brand

In the present times, the residents of United States of America no longer feel safe in their hometown. Each day witnesses new crimes, that can be seen on the television, newspapers, and thus affecting all levels of the normal life in the society. At the same time, the government is also restricting the sale of firearms in America.

In some states, the sales of firearms have been totally banned. This has led to a feeling of insecurity among the Americans as they feel the need to protect themselves by buying firearms. There is a constant unrest in the crime scene and various barbaric crimes take place in the streets of America on a regular basis.

To add to this plight, the government officials are acting against the protective instinct of the general public by banning the sale of firearms. Benchmade Knives are being purchased in great numbers as they form an effective defence mechanism. Thus, individuals who are looking for an effective method for defending themselves at times of need can purchase the Benchmade knives.

There are people who are enrolling into classes that offer courses in self defence and unarmed combat skills. Then there are people who purchase pepper sprays and other non lethal weapons and think they have enough inventories that will protect them at times of need.

The lucky few who do posses firearms are not allowed to carry them at times of need. Thus, the ideal weapons for protection are the Benchmade knives. They are easily available and portable too, as one can carry them as and when needed.

The knives serve as effective defence mechanism as they can easily give a deterrent scratch to the attacker and even lethal stab. Therefore, the knife has emerged as a prominent defence tool in many American homes.

Benchmade are prominent manufacturers of knives and are involved in the production of a wide variety of knives that act as effective protection tools. Today, there are a wide variety of books, and videos that are devoted to knife fighting.

A benchmade knife has the design characteristics that make it an effective lethal weapon. But it is important to make sure that you are comfortable carrying the weapon.

One can also browse the internet for a large number of benchmade knives like the model4501-prestige edges kitchen set. There are steak knife sets like model 110H20- fixed blue class set of knives. Folder knives, chopper, activator and various other models of knives are also available on the online market and one can find the best knife for his defence needs accordingly.

The Benchmade Knife is a knife company run by in Oregon City, Oregon, United States. Its products are geared toward many niche markets, such as outdoor sporting cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement and even military. The company has produced a number of custom knife makers. It all started in California back in 1988.

A few years later in 1990, the materials the company moved to Clackamas, Oregon. Weighing in at just less than two hundred pounds, the Salmon Creek Fillet is easily carried on any fishing trip. Its blade features are high performance steel with added rust resistance and the overall design works very well as a light camp knife.

Other very important significant features include a reinforced sliding bar and blade safety guard. Each knife comes with a snap closure made of nylon and secure belts. Benchmade also designs knives for loyal knife users (as in custom knives).

With an unrivalled commitment to and for innovation, Benchmade works with a select group of custom knife professionals to create risk free high quality, world-class products. Recently, Benchmade has ended its public relationship with Allen E. Models using his designs.

They no longer carry the previous Elishewitz stamps on the reverse of the blade since they have dropped the tradesmenship. Benchmade knives makes important / a lot of revenue from selling -sales knives to the military and law enforcement. Benchmade produces a diverse selection of “auto”, or switchblade knives.

Benchmade has a patent on the locking mechanism used in most of the produce. The axis lock is one of the strongest ever made available made on the planet, some say. The knives have developed unique corporations with some of the world’s best custom knifemakers to provide the latest innovation in cutlery and design.

These benchmade knives have done many homeowners so much good and it seems as if every kitchen wife is happy with these knives. It has such a soothing feel and sharp edge, it is indescribable. It will cut through any type of material; and this isn’t some sort of bogus infomercial.

This knife will literally cut through rock hard cheese, rock hard chicken bones, and these things don’t break easily. Many have chosen to issue full refunds in the event these do break in any way shape or form. T

he blade features have just so high performance rates with haven steel it will cut through almost anything, guaranteed.

Benchmade is a famous reputable company that makes unique custom knives with sharp edges. These knives are truly special; one of the creators being E. Emerson, he gives the company professionalism and experience.

There are many parts to the knife, including the axis lock. It’s one of the strongest ever made available made on a knife. These Benchmade knives have developed teams with some of the world’s best custom knife makers to provide the latest innovation in cutlery and design. This knife company is run in the US in Orgeon cicty.

Its products are geared toward many niche markets, such as outdoor sporting cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement and military. The company has collaborated a number of custom knife makers.

Benchmade became known primarily as a manufacturer of, or balisong-style knives, which it continues to manufacture. These have been so identified with the company that Benchmade has registered “Bali-Song” as a trademark and logo.

As of February 2009, the company employs approximately 150 people. This company is not only famous for its amazing products, but they create a lot of jobs as well. Benchmade is one of the few manufacturers to materials have offered high speed M2 tool steel a production knife.

Benchmade knives is an important amount of revenue from selling -sales knives to the military and law enforcement. Benchmade produces a diverse selection of “auto”, or switchblade knives. Benchmade has a patent on the locking mechanism used in most of the produce.

Additionally exclusive license materials on use of / Williams “AXIS Lock”, a strong, spring operated locking used in both automatic and manual action models.

Benchmade has a long tradition of incorporating knife design from noted custom cutlery makers into their production models.

These include Ernest Emerson, Allen Elishewitz, Mel Pardue, Bill McHenry, Mike Snody, Jason Williams, Warren Osborne, and Bob Lum. Several production Benchmade models based on the work of these desigers have become influential within the industry.

In recent years, Benchmade has ended its public relationship with Elishewitz. His designs no longer carry the previous Elishewitz markings on the reverse of the blade (what used to be there was a stamp at the back of every single Benchmade knife, and now that is all gone due to this “little” problem they had together).

Benchmade is one of the few manufacturers to have offered high speed boat crafting tool steel in a materials production knifes of the future and the present.


What’s it made of? What is that black stuff on the handle? Which blade steel is best? These are just a few of the many questions BENCHMADE is asked when people see their knives, and on the surface they all funnel into one basic answer.

BENCHMADE uses a variety of modern materials specially selected for their superior performance characteristics regardless of their manufacturing difficulty.

They strongly believe that if you’re going to put so much effort into designing a custom knife, then it only makes sense to build it of the materials, which compliment its form and enhance its function.

It’s exactly this kind of thinking that has led to BENCHMADE having been the first knife manufacturer to utilize many of these materials, especially to this level.

And in some instances it’s more than just using a superior material in a product — it’s what they do to it to bring out the extra edge, which makes a BENCHMADE that much better in performance.

Following is a BENCHMADE materials list with a brief description of the component material characteristics and some of the processes they use.


USA made by Crucible Steel, which is now back in production. It was actually their original choice, but was not being produced at that time in rolled sheets conducive to our manufacturing, and was later discontinued by Crucible for lack of demand. Developed for use in military jet engine turbine blades, 154CM has properties approaching and surpassing some carbon steel blends. It’s nearly identical in make-up as ATS-34. They are very excited to be introducing it into their blade production, and they process it the same as ATS-34 with equally superior performance results.

A specially developed Crucible steel specifically for knives. Much easier to process and it develops superior properties when heat-treated. Equal to or better than 440C in corrosion resistance with superior edge quality.

“H-1 grade used for cutlery production with better Corrosion Resistance.”

H1 grade is the high strength austenitic steel with improved temper coloring and corrosion resistance. As this grade is featured by the high mechanical property gained through the cold deforming and aging treatment, added is high strength and hardness suitable for the cutlery production by rolling process. H-1 grade can be recommended for the variety of cutlery because of its specific feature by great superiority in corrosion resistance as compared with Martensitic stainless.

Similar to 440C with higher carbide volume resulting in superior edge retention.

A high chromium stainless steel with an excellent combination of hardness, toughness, wear resistance and improved corrosion resistant properties. Slightly softer than the 154CM.

A very tough tool grade steel used for cutting steel and offering high abrasion or wear resistance. Offers high-impact strength with incredible edge holding properties. Non-stainless by nature, but they heat-treat and apply their proprietary BT2™ coating which provides a high level of corrosion resistance.


A modern age, very “proprietary” make-up of alternating woven layers of carbon strands and epoxy, which provides exceptional strength to weight ratios. And it looks pretty hot too.

Select hardwood veneers are vacuum impregnated with special dyes and resins. Sheets are then layered and pressured under tremendous heat and pressure. This process creates a fashionable, stabilized real wood medium for a durable and attractive composite.

Developed as an aerospace material able to withstand extreme conditions without distortion or negative effect. Impervious to moisture or liquid, for ideal outdoor toughness. A highly compressed epoxy and woven glass composite providing nearly indestructible strength and is of nominal weight. BENCHMADE laser cut and machine finish to final spec. BENCHMADE uses black, and was the first manufacturer to utilize multi-color layered G10 for a unique visual effect.

A modern engineered plastic offering high-strength, minimal flex and optimally lightweight properties. They use a 30% glass fill mix for great all around qualities.

A reinforced resin with excellent stiffness, strength and dimensional stability. They use it in the molded colored handles.

A proprietary acrylic/PVC exhibiting outstanding impact resistance, chemical resistance and fire retardancy. Good outdoor weatherbility. For their application, the injection molded sheaths offer lightweight, durable performance at an inherently economical value to you.

Originally developed as a premium aircraft grade aluminum which is aged to a T-6 temper for improved toughness. BENCHMADE precisely machines to spec, bead blast for texture and then anodize with hard oxide coating for enhanced grip and “wear-ability.”

A lightweight glass filled nylon, engineered for strength and durability while still offering moldable versatility. It’s widely used in the automotive industry in engine related components. For their purpose, the injection molded handles offer great lightweight, durable performance at an inherently economical value for you.


A slightly lighter weight, modern metal offering incredible strength and resiliency. Key properties include non-magnetic and corrosion resistance. BENCHMADE laser cuts to form and machine finish to final spec.

An ideal 400 Series steel offering good corrosion resistance and workability. They laser cut material to form, machine finish to spec and heat-treat for optimum performance strength.

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