How to Safely Wear A Boot Knife: A Comprehensive Guide To Wear Your Knife

A boot knife is a small knife you can carry in your boot for your safety or other needs. This is a handy tool for your survival. For those who go camping or hiking, a boot knife is like an emergency backup they need. Whenever you need any extra weapon for your survival, you can use this.

This is a perfect companion for a traveler or survivalist. This is very important for them too. Keeping a knife in your boot means whenever you need this, you can easily bring it out and use it however you want.

Having a boot knife is not all. You must know how to wear a boot knife safely. This is also important for your safety and survival. In this article, I will tell you about this in detail. Now let’s dive into it.

Choosing the Right Boot Knife

best Boot Knife

The most vital thing is choosing the best boot knife for yourself. There are different types of knives. But you must know which one would be perfect for your survival. There are some factors you should consider when selecting a boot knife.

Blade Length

Usually, a boot knife has a blade from 2.5 to 5 inches. The overall length of delivery is generally from 5 to 9 inches. The length of a boot knife shouldn’t be too long or too short.

Sometimes it also depends on the type of your boot. If your boot is a calf-high boot, then the length should be 6.9 inches long, and the blade should be 3.3 inches long. 

Blade Type 

There are two kinds of knives – fixed-blade knives and folding knives. For your boot knife, a fixed blade is better because of two features- Thickness and Speed.

Thin blades are much more comfortable to use. Fixed blades are thinner than folding blades. So you should use a fixed blade. You use a boot knife in an emergency. There it takes time to unfold the folding blade which is slower than a fixed blade. 

Preparing to Wear the Knife

You need to prepare your knife before wearing it. Before wearing your knife, you must sharpen your knife blade. As you will use it in an emergency, make sure the knife is a sharp one.

Don’t forget to sharpen your knife. You should wear one calf-high boot when you carry a knife in it. There are different ways to wear a boot knife. You must learn how to wear a knife.  Now I will tell you about the different ways of wearing a boot knife. 

How to Wear a Boot Knife – Ways to Carry a Boot Knife 

There are Four different ways to carry your boot knife with a pair of boots –

  1. Inside your boot
  2. Outside of the boot
  3. Inside a pocket on the boot
  4. Inside the laces

In each of the ways you have to attach the sheath first, then you have to put your knife in the sheath.

1. Inside The Boot 

how to wear a boot knife -Inside The Boot

Most survivalists think of a knife inside of the boot. You need to keep the knife in its sheath, then tip it down into your boot. And it’s done, the easiest way to carry a boot knife.

In this way, there is a problem. The knife isn’t secure in this way of putting it. If you tie your lace tight then you might feel uncomfortable after some time of wearing it. If you tie your lace loose, it might fall when you run or climb something.

There is a way to get rid of this problem. You need to attach your knife properly to something. Place the knife properly inside your boot.


  • Easiest way
  • The knife is secure if properly attached
  • Works with different boots


  • Might feel uncomfortable
  • Insecure if not properly attached

2. Outside The Boot

wear a boot knife Outside The Boot

You can keep your knife outside of your boot also. When you have a shorter knife and a taller boot you can strap the knife to your boot.

You have a few options if you want to carry a boot knife outside of the boot-

Boot Sheath: You can buy a boot sheath that you can fasten to your belt or other straps. This will make it simple for you to secure the boot knife to your b.

Ankle Holster: You may also buy an ankle holster to hold the boot knife and fasten it to your ankle. This is a fantastic option if you want to keep the knife as discreet as possible.


  • Easier to use
  • You don’t need to modify the boot


  • Less concealable method

3. Inside a Boot Pocket 

Inside a Boot Pocket 

Some boots come with built-in knife pockets. This is a great solution to put your knife. But all knives won’t fit into these types of pockets.

Buy a pair of boots with a pocket made for a boot knife. Some boots already have a pocket built in, while others require you to buy an additional pocket.

Choose a boot knife that will fit in your pocket. Check to see if the blade is the proper size and weight for the pocket.

With the blade pointing up and the handle facing down, tuck the knife into your pocket. This will make sure that the knife is accessible and safe.

Secure the pocket with a zipper or other closure to ensure the knife stays in place.

While not in use, store the boots in a secure location and wear them as needed.


  • Easy to use 
  • Secure


  • Specific boots
  • All sizes won’t fit

4. Inside The Laces

Inside The Laces

If your knife is small you can attach the holster directly to the laces of your boot to put your knife there. This is a fantastic way to wear your boot knife.

Making sure that the knife is firmly in place and does not slip out is important when carrying a boot knife inside the laces of your boots.

To start, you must first tie your boots’ laces such that there is a little hole in the center of the laces. The knife should be able to fit through this hole, but it shouldn’t be too big so that it can just slip out.

Once the hole is the proper size, slide the knife inside and secure it by tying the laces tightly. Make sure that the blade is facing down and that it is tucked away and out of sight.


  • No modification is needed
  • Secure 


  • Requires a small knife

Wear Your Boot Knife Safely

Now you know the ways of wearing a knife. But you must wear the knife safely. You must be careful when wearing a knife. Handle the knife with care; otherwise, any accident can happen. You must know how to put on the knife and remove it correctly.

After attaching the sheath, you should practice putting in and removing the knife slowly and then fast. That’s how you can be a professional in this.

You should always check your knife if it is sharp or not. If it is not sharp, you must sharpen it. To wear the knife safely you need to practice regularly. If you can do it quickly, it will help you in an emergency.

Defending Yourself with the Knife

wear boot knife for self-defense

As you are keeping this knife for your safety, you must learn some basic self-defense skills. You may need these skills in the future in any critical situation.

You have a knife in your boot, you shouldn’t misuse the knife. Make sure you act like a responsible and smart citizen. Ensure the safe use of the knife.


Your safety is the most important when you are on a hike, camp, or mission. To face any danger you should keep a boot knife with you. Now you know how to wear a boot knife.

Have proper training in using a boot knife and make sure you don’t misuse the boot knife. The boot knife will help you to take quick action in any danger.


What are the best materials for a boot knife blade?

Boot knife blades are usually made of soft steels like 420, 420HC, 8Cr13MoV, etc.

Is it legal to carry a boot knife in public places?

The blade of the boot knife is not so long. As it doesn’t seem a threat to any mass people, you can use it in public. But in some areas, it is forbidden too. 

How do I sharpen my boot knife?

To sharpen your boot knife you can use an electric sharpener or you can use a whetstone. But the stone is gentler to your blade. So you can use the stone to sharpen your boot knife blade. 

What is the best way to carry a boot knife in my boot? Inside or outside the boot

A boot knife should always be on the side of your dominant hand. If you are left-handed, the knife should be on the left side of the left boot. That means putting the knife outside of your leg is the best option. 

How can I practice using my boot knife for self-defense?

You may use your boot knife in a critical condition. So if you don’t know the self-defense skill, the knife is useless. So you must learn self-defense skills before using the boot knife. It will help you in the future. You can learn it from an experienced person. 

What should I look for when buying a boot knife?

When you buy a boot knife, you should look for some specific features. First of all, you must select the best blade so that you get the best performance for your knife. 

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