Ruixin Pro RX-008 Review – Professional Knife Sharpener

You finally picked up your first sharpening stone, watched 50 videos online, and then sharpened your knife. But then when you go to slice, you feel like your knife is worse off than before. I know you can relate to this situation as we have all been there.
Yea as you may have already heard, the best way to sharpen your knife is using whetstones. But too sharp knives with stones, you have to do it multiple times to do it perfectly and you have to do it at a specific angle. But for those who are not skilled at this task, this Ruixin pro knife sharpener got you covered. It maintains your degree angle and it’s pretty easy to use. So let’s dive into it.

Traditional Method Comparison

This Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener sharpening system is comparable to the traditional method using a wet stone but the only difference is going to be the angles are going to be locked in.
If you are a seasoned pro at life sharpening you are going to run into a couple of issues.
Firstly, you will not know which angle your knife was previously sharpened. Secondly, it’s going to be challenging to sharpen your knife freehand and keep that angle consistent the entire time.
But with Ruixin Pro chisel sharpener you will be able to solve both of these issues.

Ruixin Pro Contents

Ruixin Pro Contents

This knife sharpening system comes with a lot of components.

Here’s the list of sharpening tools that you will get in this kit:

  • The clamp that you will have to screw onto the side of your table. It has got a 10mm thread, swivel top with a grip, and a stone holder tool. The whole tool is made of solid cast aluminum.
  • An Allen key with Phillips or crosshead screwdriver Diamond stones.
  • Whetstones.
  • Stones (hones) provided are 120, 320, 600, and 1500 grit.

How to use it?

How to use Ruixin Pro RX-008

Soak the stones: The first thing you have to do is take the whetstones and soak them in water for 5 minutes before using them.

Attach to the table: Take the base clamp and mount it to the table. Make sure to tighten it in

Connect Vertical Cord: Take the smaller rod with a butterfly nut on it. Take the collar off the top. Screw in the base rod and tighten up the thumbscrew. Take the longer rod with the plastic ball joint on it. Place the ball head roughly somewhere on the smaller cord (you will readjust it later).

Screw-in rod and insert: Now Take the main assembly. And slide the rod with the ball joint into it. And screw it in there with the attachment nut.

Insert Knife and tighten: Take the dull knife you want to sharpen and place it into the clamp. Tighten the collars on top of the clamp with the provided Allen key.

Attach Whetstone: After soaking the whetstones for 5 minutes, they are ready to serve. Anything under around 800 grit is considered coarse. So if you are sharpening dull knives, you want to go for 120 or 320 grit.
Now to attach the stone, compress the spring on the main assembly tool, but the writing side of the sharpener on the top of the tool and place it nice and square. Release the spring and tighten the clamp up.

Measure Angle: Now you have to set the angle. And the easiest way to do it using your smartphone. Get the measure app. Place your phone in the assembly tool and find your level. The ideal level is 17 to 20 degrees. If you are working with a Japanese kitchen knife then choose closer to 17 degrees. And for American or western steel blades, the level should be around 20 degrees.

Slide the tool 15 times: Start from the back of the knife on the long side and push the tool toward the tip. Do this 15 times. And then rotate the knife and do the same thing opposite way.


My Thoughts

The first stainless steel plate for the Ruixin Blade Stopper has the advantage that it can be adjusted and turned if necessary. This is a must-have knife for anyone who does woodworking because it allows you to cut through wood easily and accurately. Then you would turn the plate so that the flat side is facing the inside of your body and the point is facing out. I should insert an animated GIF here to show you what I’m talking about.

All parts of the Ruixin are made of some kind of metal, like titanium, stainless steel, or chrome. solid, sturdy parts, sturdy construction. I’ve had the same problem with my old Exact and just replaced it. I was also having similar problems with the first Power-Force. They’re cheap, drinking poorly made things that only lasted a year.
You’ll be able to easily adjust your guide rods. With the Lansky and my Exduct, it was hard to get the rods to stay in place and didn’t stay that way for more than 10 minutes. increases the precision of the guide rod.
The spring-assisted clamping mechanism of the apex whetstones is great, love it!
all the full lengths of the whetstones get used.

When you go for a knife sharpener that can handle all sorts of knives (short blades, thinner blades, etc.), then you’re probably going to need this knife! Typically, there’s a part of the clamp that’s in the way of the sharpening rod guiding action when you’re trying to sharpen narrow blades. In my opinion, Ruixin’s SpiritX blade/multitool is the perfect accessory for any minimalist or minimalism-style minimalist.

If you’re looking for the best possible way to carry your multitool, the Ruixin SpiritX is the way to go. The best thing to sharpen a knife on is a Lansky or a Wicked Edge or any other clamp sharpener. But it can’t be done on a Lansky or a Wicked Edge or any other clamp sharpener. The Edge Pro Apex is a versatile honing system, capable of sharpening any blade type: Short/Thin/Narrow. You should always sharpen knives with leather strops but if your knife blade is narrow, you might want to consider the Edge Pro Apex. In my humble opinion.

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Final Verdict

Ruixin Pro RX-008 is a fantastic knife sharpener. I highly recommend this. It’s perfect for getting your kitchen knife, hunting knife, pretty much any knife you have, you can get it razor sharp.

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