CIVIVI Elementum Review Manual Folding Knife

Why don’t you purchase a knife with gleaming revelation? Everyone dreams of having a knife with a super purity design, sharp retention boker, and beauty converged shot in teenage life. Civic Elementum meets the requirement even after not being so expensive. I bet this is the budget realm ever discovered in the present century.

We reviewed various knife steels and knives such as stainless steel knives, skinning knives, Swiss army knives, Ulu knives, and so on… The sharp, clean look of the deep hollow-ground blade is impressive. I think this is a perfect entry-level knife.

Key Specs: Civivi Elementum

Civivi Elementum Review

Let’s come to the point what makes Civivi the best on the market? It’s a high level of build quality. The finish and fitment are premia compared to any cheap knives.

The local Chinese knives are mostly bid with pedestrian materials, whereas the Civivi automatic knives have scale materials, 22 configurations, and gorgeous colors (Example: Satin Black).

I researched on my ‘Civivi Elementum Pocket Folding Knife‘ and found it with D2 blade structure, G-10 handle scales and standard color for men.

I think my pocket knife is the most affordable variant of the Elementum hehe. The pocket Civivi Elementum knives’ price ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the model, build quality, and carbon fiber/Damascus variant.


Key Specs: Civivi Elementum

Blade MaterialD2
Blade Length2.96 in
Deployment MechanismFlipper
Overall Length6.99 in
Handle MaterialG-10
Country of OriginChina
Weight2.89 oz
Locking MechanismLiner Lock
Price RangeAbout $50


1. Uniqueness / Importance

Civivi Elementum UNIQUENESS

Hey, man! What’s the uniqueness of Elementum automatic knife? The look! Plus, the pocket-size knife is my favorite. As I researched the market opportunity, I found most Civivi knives structured with the Damascus upgrade version. You get such stylish knives for $50. I was a bit fan of small waist knives.

As I started inventing a lot of design elements, I found Elementum’s budget knives as palm swelling. The grip of these knives is brilliant in my choice. I will be a fan of this short-notch appearance until I am a fan of the strong lines of the ordinary knife.

2. Materials

The elementum knife nut has top-notch material used in it, like a bent steel clip secured with two screws. You can grip the knife well in the right hand.

Additionally, I have seen the Elementum has standard Torx fittings, hourglass-shaped standoffs, a delicate checkered pattern, and a clean knife design; through them, the knife works fine all the quality miss-steps around. The CIVIVI knives are not an expensive knife, but it has a quality fit and finishes.

This original knife used Isham-designed Arrakis, symmetrical grind, factory edge, and the body screw heads instead of using cheaper materials. Finally, it is a well-made analysis of the knife.

3. Look / Styling

You get Civivi complicated knives in fancier versions. The price for each version remains at $50. Considering the price range, I am happy getting these in micarta or wood handles, laser knife, and smooth satin finish.

The blade for the knife has actual cutting edges at its price point. I like how the spine looks on the blade in front of the pivot. Besides, the liner is accurate compared to the scales.

The liners are stainless on both sides and engineered as skeletonized locking liners.  Premium knife makers around the world keep the weight at the highest of 3 ounces.

4. Ergonomics

Well, the Ergonomics of the Civivi Elementum includes fit and finish. Yes, this is an inexpensive knife and has been beating expensive knives stretching of the high-end materials.

If you see it close, it is exceptionally well built by the blade’s surface, centering it spot on and playing in impressive factory edge. The well-renowned manufacturer ‘Civivi Store’ provides all types of Civivi knives for more comfortable in hand.

5. Deployment / Lockup

Mostly, the Elementum knife has a flipper opening strategy, a liner lock, and pivot for the easygoing feature. Compared to local cheaper bearing knives, the Civivi Elementum looks like what you pay for.

I always bear high expectations for the hype surrounding this knife for doing knife flips fine. The deployment of the knife is pretty light and positioned for military action.

On the other hand, the lockup looks to be solid with a standard steel bent liner to lock the knife’s blade in position. I have experienced the locking liner engages the knives perfectly.

If I specify the lock bar lining, you see the blade tang with the sharp edge. You won’t find such knives in any direction. Civivi Elementum has dialed lockup stability in $50 precision.

6. The Blade

Civivi Elementum Blade

The Civivi Elementum has a super sharp, classy, and durable design. It is widely popular for being a pocket knife. In the USA, people use such knives for chopping power, overbuilt tactics, and prevent small risks. Professionals call it the perfect mini cut jack military knife.

Let’s define the knife’s blade a bit! The blade shape is standard with the pivot of the handle. Last week I checked the blade measures almost 3″ long, max of 2.5″ Illinois and 2.625″ owing to a sharpening coil.

The main feature of the Elementum’s blade is the hollow grind slick at the price point. You’ll experience a false swedge at the spine. What’s the blade steel? You get the blade steel is no surprise with D2 material.

Compared to all affordable steels such as 8Cr, 420HC, 12C27, and that kind of thing, the Civivi Elementum has a better mirror-polish edge. The blade’s color is often made with a stylish locking liner, vertical aluminum, and a satin finish. Undoubtedly, it has a better option for rusting or acquiring accidental patina.

7. Field Test

Ah, one more thing! The field test. It is important to review a knife as we are doing ‘The Civivi Elementum Review’ in this guide. Because of being pocket-sized, straight, and slender, it grips well. Scientifically, the knife has only almost 2.89 to 3.89 ounces. I tested it for the G10 version.

The micropattern and the entry angle of the knife can fit your pockets like some other knives. I found the blade to be the hard-wearing reputation of D2 steel and an excellent all-purpose knife. It’s less rust-prone than all other knives on the market.

About the CIVIVI Elementum

Our research found the Civivi is a section of We Knife Co. Ltd., which is situated in China. The company is popular for its high-end knives and tools, and the Civivi Elementum is the best-invented knife ever. People often ask, why choose Civivi Elementum knives?

These knives have micarta scales, stainless steel liners, a D2 blade, smooth opening action, and solid lockup options. The durable micarta handle of Elementum knives ensures a lightweight, secure grip. I recommend such knives for camping, hunting, survival, and outdoor activities.

5 Alternatives/ Compersion

Civivi Elementum Vs. Spyderco para 3

Suppose I specify the Civivi Elementum Vs. Spyderco para-3 knife they have refreshing addition, with thin blade strategy, and comfortable ergonomics for users. Compared to the price range, the Spyderco para-3 knife is relatively more expensive than the Civivi Elementum knife.

These knives are made with a flipper and satisfying deployment action. The difference between the Elementum and Spyderco tenacious knives is in the blade lengths. Whereas the Civivi Elementum has 2.96 inches blade length, the Spyderco knife has 3.02 inches long on average.

The blade steel of the elementum is D2 or Damascus, and the Spyderco Para-3 has 8Cr13MoV steel construction. The weight is similar to both of the knives. I noticed the Spyderco para-3 knife comes in both the ‘Round Hole’ and ‘Flipper’ strategies. On the other hand, the Civivi Elementum knives have only the ‘Flipper’ choice for pocket clip tips.

Civivi Elementum Vs Ontario Rat 2

I researched the civivi elementum vs. Ontario rat 2 to feel both of them. Here’s my thought!  The Ontario rat-2 has a cheaper price ($35) than the civivi elementum knives ($50), besides the Ontario rat-2 being an ambidextrous clip.

You can carry the knife in your front left pocket easily. Once you flip the Rat 2 thumb stud, you get to see your thumbnail is easiest.

The difference between the civivi elementum and the Ontario rat-2 is there in the structure. You see the elementum as complete flat tapered. On the other hand, the Civivi elementum is very high-end stuff.

WE Practice Vs. Civivi Elementum

No big difference! The fidget factor on both knives is noticed clearly. The Civivi Elementum comes with superior flipper technology. Johnny, one of the blade bloggers, said it takes less time for the ceramic detent and bearings to furnish the S35vn vs. the M390.

The glass-smooth look and no friction polish make Civivi Elementum a high-value knife. The look may differ from each knife; still, they are transformed with scaled-up materials. The Elementum features the G10 Jade slim blade exclusives.

If I talk about the weight, WE 2.95oz vs. Civivi 2.56oz has a negligible difference in weight. However, different categories of knife scales will lead to different weights.

The Civivi bears a 1/16th ceramic detent ball bearing pivot against the WE Practic’s 2mm detent ball. What’s the important difference to tell anyway? It is the Blade thickness which is very nice hollow grinds for both knives. I can say, The WE’s blade thickness is thicker than the Elementum’s edge retention.

Civivi Elementum Vs Steel Will Cutjack Mini

You must be looking for a new budget EDC knife. People nowadays have been debating between the Civivi Elementum Vs. Steel Will Cutjack Mini. Let’s detail these knives now.

I would love to detail the elementum over the mini cut jack. It is a gentleman’s knife as its construction is structured with an ebony wood handle, the DM and CF versions—the difference between Civivi Elementum Vs.

Steel Will Cutjack Mini is, the elementum is a thinly hollow ground slicer, whereas the cutjack is flat ground and thicker Bte. I will keep the drop point model for being the budget blade.

Civivi Elementum Vs. Pintail

Well, I have praised the knife with features so much in this review. Still, I agree that some people don’t like carrying it for the deep carry pocket clip. It looks like the clip makes holding the elementum knife uncomfortable. Both Elementum and Pintail have a similar size and the same belt clip. If you feel you ended up using the Damascus blade, the new Pintain can be much better than the elementum for a slightly different angle shape of the handle.


The Civivi Elementum has a high demand for being durable, eye-catchy, and its general dimension. The knife has been conquering a pile of competitors with its build quality. I have done a full grid ‘CPM-S35VN steel blade Review,’, you know, the ergonomic advantage of such grade knives. If you look for an aesthetic folding knife as a militant’s choice, the Civivi Elementum has a lot of classier appearance than local folding knives. Thanks for reading us, dude.



Are Civivi knives good?

I don’t doubt it. Yes, Civivi knives are good enough as they are made with the highest quality materials. Experts around the world call Civivi knives are budget folding knives. You get them with a consistent fit and finish. I recommend such knives for having experienced so far.

Where can I buy a Civivi knife?

There are online platforms like Amazon, where you get to see tons of Civivi knives available for the money. Here I recommend 5 best Civivi knives you can afford-

Where to Shop Civivi Knives For Sale?

You can buy all Civivi knives with us at Knife Center Shop, and above all, we have CIVIVI knives for Sale on all items having the lowest prices you can get online.

Who owns Civivi knives?

As per my knowledge, WE Knife Co. inaugurates the Civivi knives for the money. The company is popular worldwide for bringing high-grade knives and tools. The average price point of the Civivi knives remains at $50 to $80. I appreciate the manufacturer for emphasizing the perfect fit and finish of its knives.

Does Civivi use real Damascus?

Before answering the question, I would like to brief Damascus shortly. It is a 9cr18mov Damascus steel. The Civivi uses real Damascus (9cr18mov) steel for three favorite designs like  Backlash, Praxis, and Naja. However, there are myths like Civivi knives are made of “Chinese Damascus.” For your kind information, It is the real Damascus form to be used in Civivi as stainless Damascus.

What is a Damascus blade?

People often ask about Damascus knives or blades how they are made. It’s a simple answer indeed. Damascus knives are made of Damascus (9cr18mov) steel. You can understand the real Damascus knives through the blade’s wavy, steel, and mottled pattern identification.

Is D2 steel good for knives?

Yes, D2 steel is good for knives. Ask me, why? The steel has high wear resistance technology. You get such steel reliable for hardness and toughness. The knife-making manufacturer uses a Carbide Structure of D2 in many knives. Why don’t you choose from proper edge stability?

Civivi Elementum Review
  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Value
  • Quality

Civivi Elementum Summary Review

The CIVIVI Elementum is an excellent knife featured with a super sharp blade. You get this type of knife with an attractive shape. The scale material of the knife gives you a perfect grip. I love the Elementum knife for solid liner lock, smooth action, and for the flipper stud. I didn’t see the manufacturers doing details of construction in local knives. You get elementum knives lightweight. I think it meets all requirements for being a pocket knife.

User Review
  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Value
  • Quality


  • Remarkable build quality for the money, minimalist gentleman’s knife appearance, hollow ground blade slices well, deep carry clip, fairly lightweight.
  • Mushy detent, clip screws come loose, doesn’t hold an edge as long as you’d think, lanyard cutout looks cheap, single position clip, kind of boring.


Mushy detent, clip screws come loose, doesn’t hold an edge as long as you’d think, lanyard cutout looks cheap, single position clip, kind of boring.

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